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Drink in style with your very own one of a kind Viking style drinking horn! Custom carved with the inscription you choose in Elder Futhark Runes!

Comes in four sizes, Small (10 inches), Medium (12 inches),  Large (13 to 15 inches) and King (16 to 20 inches).

Sanded and safely sealed inside with epoxy, these drinking horns are 100% food grade safe for hot or cold beverages and have a least a 3 inch wide mouth. Drink capacity is 16 - 18 liquid oz with room to spare. Horns are organic and vary in shape and color from white to black. Each horn comes with a heavy duty secure black leather belt holster (optional), a wooden stand (optional), and your name carved in proto germanic futhark runes (optional). We seal and carve all of the horns ourselves professionally, so rest assured you will be getting the best quality possible! 


All customizable sales are final.




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